Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 3: Glutes

It’s the new fad in the fitness industry that everyone is raving about, the glutes. Yes, the good old buttocks. You’ve seen workout videos “The Brazil Butt Lift video” and all the others. It reminds me of all the ab workout videos from the 90’s. Everyone woman and man loves that tight firm butt, but for different reasons.

The glutes are nice to look at but they also play an important role in lower back pain. Most Americans have under-active glutes and which cause an overactive erector spinae (lower back). The glutes being the larger muscle should be the first to fire when walking, jogging, running and etc. With the erector spinae firing first make that muscle work hard then it should, causing lower back pain. Having a strong butt will help alleviate that back pain.

So this week’s workout is strictly targeting the booty. Ladies enjoy and guys keep focus on your workout instead of hers, because you need the work as well.

June 24 - Glutes
Glute bridges -DoubleLeg (DL) compound with Single Leg (SL)
            -3 sets x DL 10 rep => SL 10 reps each leg
Glute Kickbacks
            -3 sets x 12 reps each leg
Kneeling squats
            -3 sets x 12
            -3 sets x 12
Glute bridge hold -Double leg
            -3 sets of 45 secs or 60secs

Cardio/Self Myofascial Release
45 minute stair master
TIME                           Speed
45                                7        


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