Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Doing It All Wrong"

Form and Technique.  The dynamic duo that promises an injury free, strong and stoic figure.  

It hurts me to my soul to watch people with bad form.  I cringe every single time when someone is attempting to do flies but it looks more like a straight arm seal clap.  Instead of flies, you can call it, “I’m trying to tear my shoulder out of place.”

And, don’t get me started on squats.  When I see squats performed incorrectly I shake my head and I have to say something because it hurts to watch.

Proper form is crucial to prevent injuries so when you workout, focus on correct form.  I cannot stress that enough.

In addition,  technique can be lost as you fatigue.  I stop my clients from continuing an exercise when I’ve noticed their fatigue is compromising their technique.  Improper technique will curtail muscle activation.

We all tend to lose sight of muscle activation.  Technique is key here.  For example, I hear trainers and gym buddies yelling “Go deep” as someone performs squats.  This is wrong.  When squatting, you should only go as deep as your range of motion allows. A squat is only complete when you return to the upright position, squeezing the glutes.

Firing the muscle and keeping the core tight should be your focus during any drill. Doing so will promote great posture and muscle growth.

Seek the help of a trainer if there’s any uncertainty your form and technique are correct.  A good trainer will make certain you accomplish your goal in achieving that body you want.



  1. “looks more like a straight arm seal clap. Instead of flies” hilarious…
    Jr can you evaluate my form for proper technique? I am aware of my form when I am working out but would like an experts opinion.
    Thanks Bro.

  2. Yes Mike, I would love to take a look at your form. On what particular exercise?