Monday, June 18, 2012

Part 2: Killer Abs

Surprise!!! You have six pack abs!  We all have abs. Yes, we do. The problem is some of us have a layer of fat that is covering it. But don’t worry, we’re going to reveal those abs!

Ladies, I know you want that flat stomach. And guys, you want that rock hard 6 pack. Trust me, I wanted the same thing at one point.  Let me share with you what worked for me:

Cardio, proper dieting and working out.  Take note, they all equally matter.  Here is the 2daybefit ab workout, so you feel comfortable taking your shirt off anywhere.

June 18 - Killer Abs
Between Sets
Decline sit-up
-3 sets of 25
Leg Raises
-3 sets of 25
-3 sets of 25
After workout before cardio
Ab Roller
-3 sets of 25
-3 sets of 1minute hold
Alternating Heel Touch
-3 sets of 20
Between Sets
Air bike
-3 sets of 40
Plyo/Exercise Ball Crunches
-3 sets of 25
Plyo/Exercise Ball Pull-in
-3 sets of 12

Cardio/Self Myofascial Release
45 minute stair master
TIME Speed Incline
0 - 45   3.5     7


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