Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Hey Kool-Aid!" when you're all grown up

Thoroughly enjoying that cosmo, mojito or daiquiri can bring you back to when your parents let you have a can of soda, Capri Sun or a cold, tall glass of Kool-Aid.  It was an occasional treat and, now that you’re all grown up, that’s exactly how you should consume adult beverages.

I mean, what’s more important to you? 6-pack abs or 6-pack Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Sure, it’s tasty but always remember, we’re all a B.O.O. (Body of One) and it takes some of us a full 24 hours or more to metabolize a single drink!  That heavenly sugar in those colorful drinks turns into FAT once it enters your system.  Hit the gym hard a day after sipping a Long Island Iced Tea and you’ll only be breaking down that L.I.T. instead of those love handles.  Sucks to know you’re giving it all you’ve got but not making any headway.

By no means am I telling you to never have a drink again.  I, myself, take great pleasure in having dinner out with friends with a glass of wine.  What I’m encouraging here is moderation and to be very mindful of the amount and frequency of your Happy Hours.


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