Monday, June 4, 2012

24 - 1

24 - 1 is not the score of the Nets’ losing in the first quarter.  

Yeah, I’m sure I just confuse 98% of you guys with this title, so I guess you’re just going to have to read this blog to know what i’m talking about. 24 - 1, for those who train, your in the gym give or take an hour and for those who don’t train “Get-up, get-out and do something”. With that being said, you have 23 hours to mess up that hard, intense, grueling hour you just put in. I can hear some of you now “I hate the @#$% gym”. Fitness is a lifestyle change, you sought out to have physical, internal and mental change for the good of you. So why go screw it up before or after the painful hour in the gym.

Realize what you eat and drink will affect your performance the next day. Staying up late watching HBO and SportsCenter is not helping you get the proper rest your body needs to recoup and grow. So tell me, how does it feel to know you just burn 1000 calories with weight training, cardio training and self myofascial release work. Now you're set to indulge in 1200 calories with 5 hours of sleep. Calories in calories out. Simple equation and that’s not adding up for you. The one who’s working hard to accomplish their fitness goals.

Be conscience of what you do after the gym. Know this, what ever you put into your mouth will affect you in a positive or negative way. Also, get the proper amount of rest so you can feel fresh and be ready to attack the world the next day.


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