Monday, August 6, 2012

Anti-Aging, Genetic and Weight Reduction Product

Nu Skin is taking the science of anti-aging to a completely new level by studying the genetic origins of how and why we age. Developed by Nu Skin in collaboration with leading scientists from Stanford University and genetic experts at LifeGen Technologies, ageLOC science is based on the discovery of internal sources of aging that contribute to an aging appearance.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Fitness 101 for beginners: Part 3 of 3"

We have discussed two of the three keys of health/fitness, which includes your diet/meal plan and your workout. Know it’s time to move on to cardiovascular. Yes cardio, you either love it or hate it and I lean toward the hating part. I’m honest, but in order to get the body you want it has to be done.

Most of us just think jumping on the treadmill running, running and running is going to burn the fat of your body. I’m here to tell you, WRONG!!! Our bodies have multiple energy systems aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is when your body is maintaining a certain heart rate before it changes to sugar burning, this is the fat burning stage. Anaerobic is when your body’s energy system switches from fat burning to sugar burn. So this means that the slow pace cardio (conversational pace) burns and target more fat
burning than running, YES.

Most clients and gym goers argue “I don’t feel like I’m doing anything or it boring”. So I ask, what is your goal? What is it you want to accomplish? If you answer, I want to lose weight; well you need to do slow pace cardio three to four times a week, burning that fat off your body. The most accurate way to know when your body energy system changes from fat burning to sugar burning is by using a VO2 sub-max machine. Your trainer may
have other methods to help you find you heart rate number.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 7

This is a special Hump Day for me because it’s my niece’s seventh birthday. Today’s blog is dedicated to her. I’m reminded of how fast time flies. You wake up and you’re sitting there in the same situation as you were before. How do you expect to change things by doing nothing? First, you must realize that the world doesn’t give you anything. You have to work for it and embrace the struggles that come with it and at times you will be let down. So what!!! Get up, dust yourself off, stop whining and go after it again, again and again. We all need to approach fitness and all of your goals in this way.

Today I want to talk about plateau. You know, hitting that invisible wall. Sometimes when training for several weeks we hit a wall and we hit it hard. Our bodies stop reacting to the training and some of us get mentally drained. This is not the time to quit. This is the time
to grab the hammer and knock the wall down. It’s time to step up and climb over
the wall, fighting to achieve your health/fitness goals.

For those who are experiencing this, I’m suggesting you push yourself this week by adding an additional cardio session. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I guarantee your build will breakthrough and the weight will melt away. For those who are trying to add a few pounds, I suggest adding 2.5 pounds to ever exercise and drop the
cardio this week. I hope this works for you. Let me know by emailing me
info@2daybefit.com or 2daybefit@gmail.com


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 6

Middle of the work week and you can almost see Friday in the horizon. For those who have been working out all week, that weekend break is almost here.  Giving you an opportunity to rest, regenerate and enjoy your weekend. Last Wednesday 2daybefit challenge was all about doing you; I hope you had a great time doing it. This week I want you to invite a love one or friend to join you in your fitness journey.

I realize when taking on new challenges in life such a setting fitness and healthy goals, there is no better feeling of support than having someone close to join you give you that extra support and motivation. Bringing them along this gives them an opportunity to see what it is you’re doing and it could also be a bonding period.

As mention in prior blogs having a training partner is great, but this is a little different. This week I want to you grab someone it could be a boyfriend, your daughter, sister, etc.  Just take them on a walk around the park, city or a few laps around the neighborhood. This is a great way to bond and an excellent introduction getting them interest in fitness. Seeing how much fun this fitness/healthy lifestyle can be.


Monday, July 23, 2012

"Crazy, Stupid, Wow Ryan: Your Favorite Celebrity's Training Program"

Pay attention fellas, see how Ryan Gosling went from a skinny kid to a rip adult. Today’s blog is for the skinny guys who are constantly wondering how they can transform their bodies from being slim to lean muscle. To be honest with you guys, you have the best body to do this; being naturally lean it is much easier to achieve this lean muscle look due to your fast metabolism. As bigger guys struggle with dieting and trimming down, skinny guy’s main focus is pumping iron and getting buff.

Ryan Gosling went from a skinny teen and a lean muscle sex symbol adult by hitting the gym hard, pounding the weights to build up the slender frame of his. According to http://www.kinobody.com this is how Ryan put his workout routine together:

1. Emphasize upper chest – Incline Dumbbell/Barbell Bench Press, Incline Flies, Barbell Floor Press plus flat presses/flies and dips to complete the chest

2. Stick to intense intervals for the legs – Sprints, Hill Sprints and 30 second to 1 minute intervals

3. Stick to Pull ups and rows to create the V taper

4. Build up the shoulders with a lot of volume and variety – seated dumbbell presses, lateral raises, front raises and rear delts

Since Ryan’s focus was building muscle he worked out in the hypertrophy stage of training. This stage is mainly done with sets of 3 to 4 and a repetition range of 8 to 12. Below is an example workout to build a body like Ryan Gosling.

Workout Routine
Day 1 and Day 4- Chest, Back & Abs

- Incline Bench Press: 4 x 8 reps

- Pull ups: 4 x 8 reps
- Weighted Wide Grip Dips: 3 x 10
- Cable Rows: 3 x 10
- Hanging Leg Raises: 3 x max reps
- Plank: 5 minutes total (as many sets as it takes)

Day 2 and Day 5 – Shoulders, Arms and Intervals

- Seated DB Shoulder Press: 4 x 8 reps
- Lateral Raises: 3 x 10 reps
- Bent Over Rear Delts: 3 x 10 reps
- Standing Dumbbell Curls: 4 x 8 reps
- Skull Crushers: 4 x 8 reps
- HIIT – 30 second sprint on treadmill or bike / rest 90s seconds and repeat for a total of 16 minutes
- Optional – 10-20 minutes of steady state cardio (if you need additional fat loss)

Days 3, 6 & 7 = rest days


Friday, July 20, 2012

"Fav Food Gone Healthy, Healthy Recipes: Part 5

Last I check it was still summer and the humidity is reminding me of the every single day. When I left Florida I thought I left the humidity behind, nope it followed me. It’s raining yet it’s still hot. My Floridians know how it is when you get out the shower and yet you’re still sweating. This should not apply when you’re sitting down trying to enjoy your meal.

During the summer it’s nice to have light tasteful meals that will satisfy your appetite and yet it still fits into your diet plan. This week’s recipe has two on my favorite foods; Chicken and Strawberries. The recipe is great for lunch or dinner. I prefer having this for lunch as I hang out by the poolside with friends.

This Friday's "Favorite Food Gone Healthy":  Chicken and Strawberry Salad, by Rae McManus, Cheneyville, Louisiana, Southern Living

You'll need:
1/2 cup poppy seed dressing
1/4 cup Olive oil mayonnaise
1 1/2 pounds chopped cooked chicken (about 3 1/2 cups)
2 celery ribs, sliced
1 pint fresh strawberries, halved
1 avocado, cut into 1-inch cubes
1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced
1/2 cup slivered almonds, toasted
1 (10-ounce) package mixed salad greens
Garnishes: avocado slices, whole strawberries

You will:
Whisk together dressing and mayonnaise in a large bowl;Cover and chill 30 minutes.
Add chopped chicken
5 ingredients to dressing mixture, gently tossing to coat.
Serve over mixed salad greens.
Garnish, if desired.


Courtesy of myrecipes.com

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Fitness 101 for beginners: Part 2 of 3"

So let’s continue, last week our focus was working out for the first time and the importance of safety, training and familiarizing you in the gym. As I mention last week this is only part 1 of “Fitness 101 for beginners”. Now let’s move on to part 2.

Most people initial approach to this fitness/health lifestyle is to workout, workout more and workout a little bit more. Which is great, I love the motivation you have to getting your body into shape. You’re building up muscles that you didn’t have or using the muscles that have been dormant for awhile. Yet, you’re wondering why you can’t see any definition. Well how is your diet?

Depending on the individual the diet is the hardest part of this new lifestyle, but it’s the most important. In the “Lady Gaga” blog, I mention that the diet is 75 to 80 percent of your fitness and health routine. Why? In order to see that 6 pack, those beach arms and that sexy back you have to burn off that layer fat. For those who are trying to gain weight, this ideology also applies to you as well.

Carbs the scariest word in the fitness dictionary, guess what? It shouldn’t be. It’s all about eating the right carbs “Complex Carbs” and the right amount. I suggest that all beginners seek out a nutritionist to help design a diet plan for you.

I guarantee once you incorporate the proper diet along with your workout, you will start to see a big different in your body. This is going to boast in your confidence; because you are now achieving the goals you have been working so hard for.

This is part 2 of 3 for beginner; next week we’ll target cardio, I so love cardio. Enjoy your meals.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 5

Wow!!! How time flies. A week has already past since last week's’ hump day challenge, I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge and reap the reward of dropping a few pound. Challenging yourself each and every week help you stay motivated and allows you to set new goals for yourself.

Change is something that most of us look for when we embark on this health/fitness lifestyle. It could be a change in weight lost, weight gain, muscle tone, flexibility or just a healthier life. Some of us take on this new lifestyle to be able to do some of the things we could not do because of injury, being overweight, or not being strong enough to accomplish the thing we want to do. Such as running a marathon, hiking, or finishing a triathlon. Even things like bending over to pick up your child, mopping the floor or walking with you love one around the park. Having a healthier and fitter lifestyle can and will help you achieve the things you love to do.

2daybefit wants you to go out and do those things you love or do the things that you have wanted to do but you couldn’t. That’s this week “Hump Day Challenge”, taking the step to enjoying life, do you. Do whatever it is that brings joy into your life. So go for that walk, climb that mountain, hike that trail and pick up your little one.

Have a wonderful week. Maybe I will see you on that hiking trail.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Workout Routine Part 4: Agility Drills"

Most people have this crazy illusion that working out is only done inside the gym. Wrong! You can get an amazing workout outside without any weights and you can enjoy this summer weather while doing it.

As I assess my clients, I notice that the majority of them have tightness in their hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is that they need to do some release work (SMF/Foam roll), but I also wondering if my clients are doing anything besides lifting weight, due to their tightness.  As a trainer, this gives me an opportunity to introduce them to something new - Agility Drills.

Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner. Agility training helps improve balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance. This type of training is not only for athletes but is beneficial for non-athletes as well. In our daily routine, we need balance and coordination when walking, going up the stairs, carrying groceries, etc.

Here is an agility workout that you can add into your weekly routine:

July 17 - Agility Workout*

1) 10 - 50 yards (dash)

2) 10 - 20 yards (side shuffles)

3) 5 - 20 yards (Tuck Jumps)

4) 5 - 20 yards (skips for high)

5) 5 - 20 yards (high knees)

6) 5 - 10 yards (single legs hops)

7) 5 - 10 yards (back paddle)

8) 5 - 10 yards (crab walk)

9) 5 - 10 yards (bear crawl)

10) 10 - Hill/stairs (up and down)

*This agility workout does not require any equipment. If you have an agility ladder, box, circles, or cones you can also incorporate those tools as well.


Monday, July 16, 2012

"Goo goo over Lady Gaga: Your Favorite Celebrity's Training Program"

Pop star icon Lady Gaga is admired by many across the globe for her music, talent and having a great body. Working with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, together they have been able to design a program that builds up her stamina for stage performance and cardio fat burning results.

Harley, the writer of “the 5 factor workout” has achieved success with celebrity clients with his 5-Factor diet and fitness plans. By incorporated Harley 5 factor methods which consists in barbell dumbbell combination weights, jogging, jumping rope and a circuit training routine. Gaga has been able to burn those calories and prepares her for onstage performances.

So according to www.squidoo.com/lady_gaga_workout let’s take a peek into Lady Gaga circuit training routine:

Workout Routine
- Warm up - Jogging for 5 minutes

- DB back Rows - which train your upper back and posture muscles,

- DB deadlifts - which target your hamstrings, thighs and butt
- Sides bends - which work your love handles and obliques.

* All 3 exercise as a circuit, three times for 25 reps each set


- Skipping Rope - 5 minutes

The last part of Lady Gaga’s routine is the most important, Eating healthy. I personally believe that your diet is 75 to 80 percent of your fitness and health routine.

Stay focus and workout to achieve that look you want just as your favorite celebrity does.


Friday, July 13, 2012

"Fav Food Gone Healthy, Healthy Recipes: Part 4

Its summertime and it’s hot as Hades outside, so for the next two to three month let’s enjoy lying by the pool, chilling on the boat and frolicking in the water on the beach. What’s better than a nice cold beverage next to you that’s not going to kill your diet and the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym? Nothing

This week we’re moving from food to a drink that you will enjoy this weekend. A Salty Chihuahua, yeah we’re having a drink this weekend. Living a healthy and fitness lifestyle doesn’t stop you from enjoy in all of life's pleasures. It makes you aware of all the things you’re put into your body and teaches you moderation. So have a drink, you deserve it after a long week.

This Friday's "Favorite Food Gone Healthy":  Salty Chihuahua

You'll need:
Coarse salt, (optional)
4 ounces tequila
2 ounces orange-flavored liqueur, such as Cointreau
3 cups grapefruit juice,
4 grapefruit slices, for garnish

You will:
- Wet the rims of 4 glasses and coat with coarse salt (if desired);
- Fill the glasses with ice.
- Pour 1 ounce tequila and 1/2 ounce liqueur into each.
- Top each with 3/4 cup grapefruit juice and stir.
- Garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

Per cocktail: 188 calories; 0g fat ( 0 g sat , 0 g mono ); 0 mg cholesterol; 23 g carbohydrates; 0 g added sugars; 1g protein; 0g fiber; 3 mg sodium; 303 mg potassium.

Drink up and enjoy your weekend


Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Fitness 101 for beginners: Part 1 of 3"

Yes!!! You have decided to turn over a new leaf and change the way you have been living. Someone or something has made you want to get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle. Awesome! Welcome to the fitness family, but I know there could be some concerns. First, you have no clue where to begin. You step foot into the gym and you are overwhelmed. Its OK. Maybe 2daybefit can help ease you into this new life-changing event of getting into shape.

Approach fitness the same way you attack any new venture in life - low and easy but with focus and the determination to learn and conquer. Beginners don’t be afraid to ask for help, partner up with a friend, or get a trainer. These are all ways to help get you
started and assist you around the gym.  

As a trainer, the first thing we’re taught is safety. I suggest all newcomers to team up with a trainer or partner to learn the ropes. You do not want to injure yourself the first week or to cause injury to someone else. As you become familiar with your surroundings, you can then start training on your own.

As you begin to train alone, you should continue to refer back to a trainer to help guide and develop a program that will target your goals. Magazines, books, websites or any other fitness literature is a good way to learn more about training regimens and periodizing programs.

This is just the beginning of your new lifestyle and part 1 of 3 for beginner to the gym. Next week we’ll target meals. So stay focused and kick this new lifestyle’s butt.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 4

It’s finally “Hump Day” but you still have two days left until you get a break from the work week and that much needed break from the gym. So you have to stay mentally focus and fight through the urge of quitting with two days to go. This way you can relax all weekend doing the things you enjoy doing with friend, family or alone.

The last three Hump Day challenges were all centered on a workout (arms, cardio, and glutes). The week we’re going to throwing a curveball at you. We’re going to challenge you in away that you should see results immediately. I can see the smiles on your faces now, a challenge where I’m going to have instant results. No, but you will notice a change in a week.

This week’s challenge? Last meal.

The question mark is circling around your head right now wondering what I’m talking about. This week for the entire week, I want you to cut out carbs for you last meal of the night. Protein and Veggies. This is easy to prepare and easy to remember. So ladies, this has made your dinner preparations much easier for the next seven days. Fellas, I know you cook too, but I’m talking to the ladies right now.

So challenge yourself and defeat this weeks challenge. Until tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Workout Routine Part 3: Total Body

Today, there are so many Total Body Circuit training programs around. All routine are meant to target the anaerobic system and to get you in and out of the gym. Crossfit and H.I.T. are the most popular Total Body training workouts around. They have become so popular that a national competition has sprung out from this “The Crossfit Games”

The jury is still out on this type of training, people argue that it’s too stressful on the body being that it’s keeps you in at anaerobic state for 10 to 30 minutes targeting mainly sugar and little fat. I like to suggest that it’s a good combination to add to anyone’s weekly workout routine. In my opinion, gym goers should mix their workouts up, targeting multiple energy systems. This will only improve of fitness.

This brings me to today’s Mayday workout. Today I will introduce to you something that physical therapist have been doing with that client for years “Functional Training”. It’s has all of the element of H.I.T training and multiple exercises like crossfit,The difference is that functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back  targets. I like to add my own ingredients to this unique training style.

July 10 - Function Circuit*

1) Single Leg Bosu Ball Balance

2) Kettlebell Swings

3) Side Planks

4) Renegade Push-ups

5) Standing Shoulder Press

6) Standing Cable Abdominal Twist

7) Single Arm Rows

8) Jump Rope

*Three 1 minute rounds with 20 sec rest between each exercise, 1:30 minute between each round


Monday, July 9, 2012

Channing "Chan" Tatum: Your Favorite Celebrity's Training Program"

And we’re back!!! From a week long commercial break and now that we’re back, it’s time to bring you the latest Celebrity Fitness Program. Now, this week’s program is special. It’s about a guy that I just so happen to be friends with. We go all the way back to playing high school football together. He has had great success in his career and he’s blowing up the big screen right now. My boy Chan better known as Channing Tatum.

Chan has always been an athlete, so getting into shape isn’t a problem for him. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard in the gym. As for most movie stars, Chan tends to train for the parts he plays. My research shows that the majority of his training is H.I.T., High Intensity Training similar to crossfit, according to hubpages.com. His workouts are with short breaks, an increased heart rate and timed. Chan’s workouts are usually completed in under 30 minutes.

The program used for Mr. Tatum’s regimen is total body base, with no emphasis on isolated training. It calls for a 3 to 1 workout week ratio. So ladies and gents here’s an example by trainer William J Harris of the method that Channing Tatum A.K.A Magic Mike’s could use:

Workout Routine*
  • Day 1 - 6 sets
    • 10 pull-ups
    • 30 kettlebell swings
    • 50 walking lunge steps.

  • Day 2 - 6 sets
    • 150 rope skips
    • 15 clean and jerks.

  • Day 3 - 5 sets
    • 100 mountain climbers
    • 75 push-ups,
    • 50 sit-ups
    • 25 box jumps.

*This is to be executed as fast as possible

Constantly check your form doing this style of workout. It’s a great H.I.T workout for those who are looking to get in and out of the gym.


Friday, June 29, 2012

"Fav Food Gone Healthy, Healthy Recipes: Part 3

Hope you’re enjoying this wonderful summer and not annoying your love one with your new diet plan. They’re not buying into your new lifestyle yet but as soon as they start seeing your results they will join you. This weekend, we’re going to play a trick on them with the “Fav Food Gone Healthy”, I guarantee when they see you serve this meal. They will wonder if you’re still dieting.

By now you should be over eating Pizza and Cheeseburgers. You should be proud of yourself. You have eliminating all the bad food from your system. This week let’s get down and dirty, we’re going to eat beef. It’s another four letter word some gym goers stay away from. I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with beef. Too much of it can
be hard on your digestive system, I usually have it once a week and today is the day.

This Friday's "Favorite Food Gone Healthy":

You'll need:
1 london broil
low sodium soy sauce (enough to cover steak in shallow dish or zip lock bag)...
1 bag of pre-washed lettuce
1 cup grape tomatoes halved
1 sliced red onion...half can of rinsed black beans
1 cup of cooked whole wheat pasta (penne or rigatoni work best)
1/4 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp italian seasoning   

You will:
- marinate the steak in soy sauce for 1 hour or more
- grill or broil 8 minutes on each side
- let it rest while you toss together the rest of the ingredients
- slice steak and serve over salad mix

I can’t wait to eat


Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Shake it up: Benefits of a Protein Shake"

I’m going to be honest, 15 years ago protein shakes tasted like crap. Then the makers of the shakes wised up and designed something flavorful and now you can drink a shake that tastes better than a milk shake. So why not grab a shake?

There have been several studies regarding the benefits of protein shakes. Some researchers argue that protein shakes can be harmful to kidneys or bones. Others say it’s the best alternative source of protein. I’m believe protein shakes are beneficial to your diet plan and I personally drink them.

Most of us do not take the proper amount of protein that the body needs for cardiovascular function, muscle growth and muscle regeneration. Take note, without a sufficient amount of protein, muscle will not regenerate or heal as fast as they should and this will lead to injuries. This is one of the many reasons why protein is essential. Protein shakes will assist you in attaining an adequate amount of protein.

Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to get in the sufficient amount of protein that your body needs. You can grab it on the go or have one as you’re waiting on your trainer/training partner. Some also use it as a meal replacement.

Again, I’m in favor for having protein shakes. I find them beneficial and enjoyable. It’s an easy way to get enough protein for the day.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 3

“The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump .Do the Humpty Hump, come on and do the Humpty Hump!” We are jamming today. I’m sure this song has brought back a few memories with the lyrics to the “Humpty Dance”. Now ,let’s gather ourselves and get ready for another challenge this week. We presented a cardio challenge last week, having you do 30 minutes of cardio post workout. This week we are going to stay in the cardio family, but we’re going to make it more exciting.

There are several ways to perform cardio: running, walking, jogging, biking, swimming, hiking, kickboxing, etc. We are all aware of these fitness cardio exercises and I’m sure you enjoy doing them. This week, 2daybefit is going to make it more exciting for you and you will also be able share this new challenge with your other half.

This week’s challenge?  Dancing!

Oh, yeah. We all love to move our bodies when we hear that song on the radio that gets you going. I’ve seen a few of you dancing during your training session. I can’t laugh, because I do the same. This week I want you to take your significant other out t for a weekend of good old fashioned dancing. If the dance party or club scene isn’t your thing, venture off to a dance studio.

There are several dance studios and I’m sure your local gym offers Zumba or Salsa cardio dance classes. So get up and shake your butt to the beat a few times this week.

Dancing 3 times this week
        - at least for 45 minutes, any day


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Not Food , Shoes: Rewards for reaching your goals"

You’ve been doing a phenomenal job with your training. Your diet is on point, you kick butt in the gym and you have become a cardio machine, now it’s time to reward yourself. Not with a burger and fries or a large pizza, but with something that will grant you great pleasure without interfering with your new fit lifestyle.

Many of us seek to stuff our faces with the food that we’ve cut out of our diets. This is not the solution. Honestly, this will probably make you sick and most likely you’ll regret it the next day. You have worked too hard shredding that tire around your waist to scarf down a pound of wings with a pitcher of beer. You owe yourself more than that. Celebrate your success with something other than food.

2daybefit has a list of ways to celebrate your self-accomplishments instead of reverting back to old, bad eating habits.

Alternative Rewards:

- Makeover
- New haircut
- Massages
- New shirt, pants, clothes, etc
- Shoes
- Guy/Girl night out
- New purse
- Vacation to show off that new body

Pampering yourself with other great pleasures is far better  than indulging in a meal of crap. Remember if you are on a fixed meal plan, doing anything extreme is the last thing you want to do, when you have made the sacrifice to change your habits.

We feel that it's important to reward yourself to recognize the progress you have made and the leaps and bounds you’ve gone converting to this new health and fit lifestyle.