Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 7

This is a special Hump Day for me because it’s my niece’s seventh birthday. Today’s blog is dedicated to her. I’m reminded of how fast time flies. You wake up and you’re sitting there in the same situation as you were before. How do you expect to change things by doing nothing? First, you must realize that the world doesn’t give you anything. You have to work for it and embrace the struggles that come with it and at times you will be let down. So what!!! Get up, dust yourself off, stop whining and go after it again, again and again. We all need to approach fitness and all of your goals in this way.

Today I want to talk about plateau. You know, hitting that invisible wall. Sometimes when training for several weeks we hit a wall and we hit it hard. Our bodies stop reacting to the training and some of us get mentally drained. This is not the time to quit. This is the time
to grab the hammer and knock the wall down. It’s time to step up and climb over
the wall, fighting to achieve your health/fitness goals.

For those who are experiencing this, I’m suggesting you push yourself this week by adding an additional cardio session. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I guarantee your build will breakthrough and the weight will melt away. For those who are trying to add a few pounds, I suggest adding 2.5 pounds to ever exercise and drop the
cardio this week. I hope this works for you. Let me know by emailing me
info@2daybefit.com or 2daybefit@gmail.com


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