Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 5

Wow!!! How time flies. A week has already past since last week's’ hump day challenge, I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge and reap the reward of dropping a few pound. Challenging yourself each and every week help you stay motivated and allows you to set new goals for yourself.

Change is something that most of us look for when we embark on this health/fitness lifestyle. It could be a change in weight lost, weight gain, muscle tone, flexibility or just a healthier life. Some of us take on this new lifestyle to be able to do some of the things we could not do because of injury, being overweight, or not being strong enough to accomplish the thing we want to do. Such as running a marathon, hiking, or finishing a triathlon. Even things like bending over to pick up your child, mopping the floor or walking with you love one around the park. Having a healthier and fitter lifestyle can and will help you achieve the things you love to do.

2daybefit wants you to go out and do those things you love or do the things that you have wanted to do but you couldn’t. That’s this week “Hump Day Challenge”, taking the step to enjoying life, do you. Do whatever it is that brings joy into your life. So go for that walk, climb that mountain, hike that trail and pick up your little one.

Have a wonderful week. Maybe I will see you on that hiking trail.


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