Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hump Day Fitness Challenge: Part 4

It’s finally “Hump Day” but you still have two days left until you get a break from the work week and that much needed break from the gym. So you have to stay mentally focus and fight through the urge of quitting with two days to go. This way you can relax all weekend doing the things you enjoy doing with friend, family or alone.

The last three Hump Day challenges were all centered on a workout (arms, cardio, and glutes). The week we’re going to throwing a curveball at you. We’re going to challenge you in away that you should see results immediately. I can see the smiles on your faces now, a challenge where I’m going to have instant results. No, but you will notice a change in a week.

This week’s challenge? Last meal.

The question mark is circling around your head right now wondering what I’m talking about. This week for the entire week, I want you to cut out carbs for you last meal of the night. Protein and Veggies. This is easy to prepare and easy to remember. So ladies, this has made your dinner preparations much easier for the next seven days. Fellas, I know you cook too, but I’m talking to the ladies right now.

So challenge yourself and defeat this weeks challenge. Until tomorrow.


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