Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Workout Routine Part 3: Total Body

Today, there are so many Total Body Circuit training programs around. All routine are meant to target the anaerobic system and to get you in and out of the gym. Crossfit and H.I.T. are the most popular Total Body training workouts around. They have become so popular that a national competition has sprung out from this “The Crossfit Games”

The jury is still out on this type of training, people argue that it’s too stressful on the body being that it’s keeps you in at anaerobic state for 10 to 30 minutes targeting mainly sugar and little fat. I like to suggest that it’s a good combination to add to anyone’s weekly workout routine. In my opinion, gym goers should mix their workouts up, targeting multiple energy systems. This will only improve of fitness.

This brings me to today’s Mayday workout. Today I will introduce to you something that physical therapist have been doing with that client for years “Functional Training”. It’s has all of the element of H.I.T training and multiple exercises like crossfit,The difference is that functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abdomen and lower back  targets. I like to add my own ingredients to this unique training style.

July 10 - Function Circuit*

1) Single Leg Bosu Ball Balance

2) Kettlebell Swings

3) Side Planks

4) Renegade Push-ups

5) Standing Shoulder Press

6) Standing Cable Abdominal Twist

7) Single Arm Rows

8) Jump Rope

*Three 1 minute rounds with 20 sec rest between each exercise, 1:30 minute between each round


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