Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Shake it up: Benefits of a Protein Shake"

I’m going to be honest, 15 years ago protein shakes tasted like crap. Then the makers of the shakes wised up and designed something flavorful and now you can drink a shake that tastes better than a milk shake. So why not grab a shake?

There have been several studies regarding the benefits of protein shakes. Some researchers argue that protein shakes can be harmful to kidneys or bones. Others say it’s the best alternative source of protein. I’m believe protein shakes are beneficial to your diet plan and I personally drink them.

Most of us do not take the proper amount of protein that the body needs for cardiovascular function, muscle growth and muscle regeneration. Take note, without a sufficient amount of protein, muscle will not regenerate or heal as fast as they should and this will lead to injuries. This is one of the many reasons why protein is essential. Protein shakes will assist you in attaining an adequate amount of protein.

Protein shakes are a quick and easy way to get in the sufficient amount of protein that your body needs. You can grab it on the go or have one as you’re waiting on your trainer/training partner. Some also use it as a meal replacement.

Again, I’m in favor for having protein shakes. I find them beneficial and enjoyable. It’s an easy way to get enough protein for the day.



  1. i've enjoyed the eas carb advant-edge protein shakes. it's about 100 calories and i think 13 grams of protein and stuff. i've drank it after a workout. is that recommended or it is better to do before the workout? i read that it's best to eat something (with protien preferred) within 15 minutes of your workout, so it's kinda conflicting reports lol

  2. It's best to feed the muscles withing the 1st 30 minutes post workout. That being said, your body only uses an certain amount of protein and the rest becomes waste. Given that most people do not eat the correct amount of protein, I see nothing wrong with you have a meal with protein an hour before your workout then having a protein shake directly after

  3. I was always conflicted by both views on the protein shake debate. I personal have benefited from protein shakes. My belief is as long as you are working out you are burning the protein you intake, therefore any harm, if any, is mitigated. Then I take it a step further with the thought that there is a study about everything and a negative one at that! In addition, cell phones I believe are a more likely risk than protein shakes and I know no one is will to give up their phone! Just do your best to live healthy, happy, and enjoy your life! Now hit the gym and during post feed your muscles!!!