Saturday, June 23, 2012

"CEO Of Your Body, One Day At A Time"

We all have goals in life. Some are to become CEO, some are to be married and some are to travel the world. Yet these goals have to start from somewhere. We don’t just wake up in the morning operating our own business. We don’t walk into to Starbuck, met someone and get married that next day. All these things take time to build and we have to work hard to accomplish them. Your approach to fitness and health should be the same.

“One day at a time”, this is how you should approach your long term goal, by setting short term goals. Too many people stress themselves when it comes to their fitness goals. Expecting to lose 20 pounds, shedding 4 inches off their waist, and having a 6 pack all in 3 weeks, sorry to tell you, that’s not happening. Love your ambition but that isn’t reality. The key for any type of success comes from setting short term goals. This has been proven model in all facets of life. Now check-out these few tip by 2daybefit to help facilitate your goals.

Short Term Goal: 2daybefit style

- add an extra cardio day
- reducing fat and sugar intake, eating a balanced diet and vegetable intake
- drinking an extra glass of water
- set workout goals (this week you did 25 sit-ups next time make it 30)
- losing 1 pounds per week
- stretch everyday
- go to the gym an extra day (instead of 2 make it 3)

Short term goals help set the trend for long-term weight-loss, fitness and overall health. Focusing more on what you can achieve per week will keep you motivate and drive you to set a more short term goal. In no time you have become the CEO of your body.

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