Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Not Food , Shoes: Rewards for reaching your goals"

You’ve been doing a phenomenal job with your training. Your diet is on point, you kick butt in the gym and you have become a cardio machine, now it’s time to reward yourself. Not with a burger and fries or a large pizza, but with something that will grant you great pleasure without interfering with your new fit lifestyle.

Many of us seek to stuff our faces with the food that we’ve cut out of our diets. This is not the solution. Honestly, this will probably make you sick and most likely you’ll regret it the next day. You have worked too hard shredding that tire around your waist to scarf down a pound of wings with a pitcher of beer. You owe yourself more than that. Celebrate your success with something other than food.

2daybefit has a list of ways to celebrate your self-accomplishments instead of reverting back to old, bad eating habits.

Alternative Rewards:

- Makeover
- New haircut
- Massages
- New shirt, pants, clothes, etc
- Shoes
- Guy/Girl night out
- New purse
- Vacation to show off that new body

Pampering yourself with other great pleasures is far better  than indulging in a meal of crap. Remember if you are on a fixed meal plan, doing anything extreme is the last thing you want to do, when you have made the sacrifice to change your habits.

We feel that it's important to reward yourself to recognize the progress you have made and the leaps and bounds you’ve gone converting to this new health and fit lifestyle.


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