Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Scale

So, you've been training regularly and eating right but the digits on the scale haven't budged. Answer this: How are your clothes fitting? Several of my clients have come to me wondering how they've only dropped a few pounds yet, melted several inches. We must remember, if you do weight training of any kind you will gain muscle mass which is replacing the fat you blasted away. Furthermore, muscle is much more dense than fat even though it takes up much less space in our bodies. This may be why, after all your hard work, you're weighing in at about the same, a tad less or maybe even a bit more.  Forget the reading on scale. Do you look better? Are your clothes fitting better? And, most important, do you feel better? #2daybefit


  1. Good points here man. It's all about how you look and how your clothes fit more so than what the scale says.

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  3. EXACTLY! THANK YOU! Muscle weighs more then fat, I started weight training because I needed to put on more weight but I wanted to do it the healthy way and not have to change my clothes size ;). Numbers lie... The first thing I tell anyone with this complaint: throw the scale away!!!